Consignment FAQ

1) What is Consignment?
When Clever Diva agrees to sell your items on a consignment basis, we split the proceeds from the sale 40/60 (40 to consignor/60 to store).

2) Do we buy clothing outright?

3) What items do you accept?
• Women’s clothing, purses, shoes, jewelry and accessories.
• Within the last three to the current season.
• Freshly cleaned or laundered and on hangers.
• Items should be in perfect or near perfect condition.
• Three piece minimum to open an account.

4) Do you accept my replica items?

5) Are there brands or labels you don’t accept?
Brands and labels will be discussed upon review at appointment.

6) How long is the consignment period?
The consignment period is 60 days.

7)  What happens to the things that don’t sell?
This will be agreed upon at signing consignment contract: Any unsold items will be returned or will become property of Clever Diva to be liquidated or donated.

8 ) What if I change my mind about consigning an item?
Email us using the contact form under customer service. Anytime an item is still under consignment and is not an item sold, we will arrange for you to pick it up.

9) Who determines the price?
All prices are set by Clever Diva.  We price items at about a third to a quarter of the original retail price. Brand new items with the retailer’s original tags, are priced at approximately half of the original retail price.

10) How do you know how much to charge for my consigned items?
All pricing takes into consideration the competitive market.  We research in depth each label and add that information to a database that is constantly updated. Keep in mind; we are looking to sell that item so Clever Diva’s prices must be more attractive than the retail stores in order to sell your items.

11) How do I get paid?
When an item sells, your account is immediately credited with the sale.  Checks are processed at the end of the consignment period for all sales over $25.00.   Amounts less than $25.00 will be held on account for further consignment consideration or it can be used as a store credit.

12) How do I start?  Can I drop off items for consignment at any time?
Consignors need an appointment.  Please use the contact form under the customer service tab, call or email your request

13 ) Why the 20 piece limit per drop-off?
This amount assists us in getting your items processed quickly and out on the floor as well some items posted on the website where the shoppers can find them.

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