The Process of Consignment – Making Cash Out of Your Closet!

Here’s how it works:
First time consignors need to schedule an appointment to open an account.Use our customer service contact form to email your request to set up an appointment.  Appointments are typically scheduled on Monday between the hours of 10:00am to 6:00pm EST.

Getting ready for your first visit:
Select a minimum of 3 items and no more than 20 in new or like-new condition. Examples other than clothing are pieces of jewelry, shoes, scarves, hats and handbags. Items should be current or within the last three seasons.  Vintage items are items older than 20 years old and should be in impeccable condition.

We require all garments to be cleaned and pressed or freshly laundered on hangers. Items should be free of odors-perfume, smoke, moth balls  and pet hair.

Check for broken zippers, missing buttons, torn hems, spots and stains.  These are examples of how items will be declined for consignment. We accept sizes 0 to 24. And, we accept and sell a wide range of brands, from designer and boutique to better mall labels, to moderate labels. We accept authentic and replica items, however replica items will be marked and priced as such.  All authentic items must come with documentation and original packaging when possible.

Going forward: you can make an appointment every time you want to consign items.

The consignment period is 6o days.  It is a 40/60 split (40 to consignor/60 to the store).  Payments are made for all sales of $25.00 or more sold in the original consignment period. Anything less than $25 is placed on account for further consignment consideration or it can be used as a store credit.

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